Heavy Civil

SJ Hamill works on projects where the primary activities are to construct, engineer and oversee large scaled operations. With over 40 years of collective experience in Heavy Civil projects, our founders bring practical knowledge gained while working on jobs throughout the U.S.

Marine Construction

The foundation of SJ Hamill is based upon working on the water.

Our assets and team are capable performing an array of waterborne work.

Deep Foundation + Support Excavation

SJ Hamill has experience in deep foundations and excavation support systems such as soldier pile and lagging walls, tieback anchors and sheet piles. We can manage and construct deep foundations for most every project.

Pile Driving

Our team is equipped to handle all types of pile installations. SJ Hamill has installed large diameter marine pilings, driven battered piles, sheet pile cells and walls.


SJ Hamill has the team and the experience needed to service all aspects of earthwork for any construction project. 

Shoreline Stabilization

The SJ Hamill team has experience in working in the difficult tide zone area of beaches and shorelines. Experience includes stone groins, shore erosion protection, sheet piling and beach fill.

Marine Structures

SJ Hamill constructs steel and concrete bulkheads, retaining walls, docks and piers, pilings, wharfs, wave breaks, boat ramp engineering/construction, dolphins and fendering systems.

Mechanical Dredging

SJ Hamill is equipped to perform mechanical (bucket) dredging from channel to slip maintenance, transported to upland or open water disposal areas.

Underground Utilities

SJ Hamill’s team has experience in installing stormwater drainage systems, utility raceways and foundations.


SJ Hamill founders bring experience in all phases of bridge construction.

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