About Us

At SJ Hamill, we strive to create an atmosphere
in which employees feel like they are an integral part of the
process and are excited to come to work every day.


SJ Hamill’s mission is to build an efficient, smart, and above all safe construction business.

We focus on controlled, steady growth while building high quality, lasting structures for the communities and owners they serve.


  • To partner with experienced companies with complimentary skill sets who share our passion for constructing quality projects.

  • To create a vibrant and forward thinking work environment conducive to idea sharing and team building.

  • To continually educate employees, and to foster a culture of safety and wellness practices where employees, including subcontractors and the public will feel secure on all of our projects.

Need Help or Have Questions?

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To inquire about our services, please email us outlining your questions, project scope and any other pertinent information.